We are passionate about collaborating in the hotel industry, especially in distinctive destinations like Tulum. Here, the demand for exotic and jungle-inspired designs that reflect the destination's identity is imperative. Xambé, a brand we created for a condo-hotel development in Mexico, represents a comprehensive project from the conception of the name to the complete development of the visual identity.

This process allowed us to seamlessly merge the essence of the place with visual elements, achieving a unique brand that resonates with the authenticity and natural beauty of Tulum.

Xambe zona arqueologica en tulum
Xambe ecological


Xambe Branding realizado por BWE AGENCY

The creation of the branding for Xambé in Tulum has been an exciting opportunity for our marketing agency. In this vibrant tourist destination, competition is high, and the need to stand out among the crowd is crucial. From the outset, we set out not only to create an eye-catching logo but also to develop a complete visual identity that captures the unique essence of Tulum and the experience that Xambé offers its guests.

By blending exotic and jungle-inspired visual elements with the authenticity and natural beauty of Tulum, we have managed to create a distinctive brand that resonates with travelers seeking a unique and authentic experience in this Caribbean paradise. The Xambé logo, carefully designed with attention to detail, is a visual representation of the sophistication and tranquility that guests can expect to find in this luxury condo-hotel.

In addition to the logo, we have developed a wide range of branding materials, from brochures and posters to social media content and advertising campaigns, all designed to convey the essence and charm of Xambé. Each element has been carefully crafted to ensure a cohesive and memorable experience for guests, from the moment they discover the brand to their stay at the hotel.

Xambe fotografía de Modelos
Xambe letras
Xambe Manual de marca

This project exemplifies how a comprehensive branding strategy can not only differentiate a brand in a competitive market like Tulum's but also create an authentic and lasting connection with its audience. We are proud to have been part of this journey and look forward to continuing to collaborate on projects that highlight the beauty and uniqueness of destinations as extraordinary as Tulum.

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