This is one of our most prominent branding projects, through which we have successfully established and developed a brand targeted at a young audience. It has provided us with an abundance of materials that we have utilized for logo creation, as well as for the development of merchandise, social media content, and traditional advertising campaigns.

This case exemplifies how a comprehensive branding strategy can effectively boost the presence and connection of a brand with its audience.

Marketing digital client Juno
Juno client Marketing
Juno branding mockup
Juno branding mockup


Breakfast Juno cancún
Brunch Juno Cancun

Our collaboration with JUNO in Cancun has been an exciting opportunity to develop a unique visual identity that resonates with the vibrant culinary scene of the city. From logo design to the creation of a comprehensive branding strategy, we have worked closely with the JUNO team to capture the essence of their breakfast-focused culinary proposition.

The JUNO logo, carefully crafted by our creative team, is a visual representation of the freshness and vitality that characterizes every dish served at the restaurant. Inspired by the colors and flavors of the region, we have created a brand that appeals to both locals and tourists, inviting them to enjoy a unique culinary experience in the heart of Cancun.

In addition to the logo, we have used this distinctive visual identity as a foundation for a variety of branding materials, from menu cards to merchandise items and social media advertising campaigns. Each element has been carefully designed to reflect JUNO's young and dynamic personality and to create a lasting connection with its audience.

Juno restaurante en cancún
Juno branding por BWE
Juno jugos verdes cancun
Carajillo juno Cancun
Juno Breakfast cancun, México

This project clearly illustrates how a comprehensive branding strategy can effectively boost a brand's presence and connection with its audience. By creating a cohesive and engaging experience across all touchpoints, we have helped JUNO stand out in Cancun's competitive culinary market and become a must-visit destination for breakfast enthusiasts.

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