If we want to look to the future, one of the strongest strategies is Big Data, this is the science of data processed to obtain trends, patterns, behaviors, predictions... Do you want to know a case of success? This is how the elections of the most important country in the world were won in 2016

Big data

The new oil

Big data is the strategy that you will see in 10 years running
like social media today.


  • Trends
  • Behavior
  • Patterns
  • Predictions
  • Solutions
big data cancun

Alex Tayler, chief data officer at Cambridge Analytica, explains to the
undercover journalist:

"If you're collecting information from people and you're profiling them, that gives you more knowledge that you can use in order to know how to segment the population to give them messages about issues that matter to them and use language and images with which they are likely to get involved."

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